Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Script by Ding ruoqian and Ancel


A couple was going for a holiday but the wife had to go on a business trip.So the husband agreed to meet her at the resort.

Int. -Changi Airport - Day

Ok darling, you have a safe trip ok? I’ll be waiting for you at Bali. I’ll get everything prepared.You don’t need to worry about anything.

Thank you dear.You take care. I’ll be there before you know it.

Wife kisses husband and walks into the immigration. As she walks,she waves back to her husband, bidding him farewell.

Int. -Couple’s home - Night

THe husband packs all the necessary things.As he gets everything he checks in on his wife, telling her that everything is ok and to check whether she’s ok.

The next day, he goes to Bali and checks into the Grand Hyatt and he books many surprises for his wife. Spas, divings, tours and the list goes on.

Int. -Suite hotel room - Night

The husband sends an email to his wife, checking in and on her, telling her everything is ok and asking if her work is done.But when he was typing in the email, he typed in the wrong email and it was sent to an old lady.

Int. -Old lady’s house
Coincidentally, the old lady’s husband passed away the day before and she is still in great depression. When she checks her email, she gets the shock of her life, she immediately fainted. When her children read the email, they too were dumbfounded.It read: Hello dear, everything is prepared for your arrival. There’s a big surprise in stall for you too.
P.S It’s hot down here.

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