Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wrong Email Address (Jarrett & Shawnn)


The elderly preacher's wife sat at her desk. She took out her bucket list and began to reminisce the moments she had yet to spend with her husband. She heaved a deep sigh. Tears welled up in her eyes as it trickled down, each drop made of pure grief and anguish dripping down her wrinkled face.

There's just too many things I wanted to do in my life...

She started to prioritise the things she wanted to do most. First on the list, she wanted to swim in a pool of soda. 


She went to the supermarket nearby and bought 10 gallons of soda. 


She prepared an inflatable kiddy pool in her backyard. She poured the soda into it. Without any hesitation, she jumped into it. Splash.

Oh yes! That feels wonderful. I feel the carbon tingling my wrinkled skin all over. I wish I'd done this so much earlier! Its so much fun!

She started drinking the soda as she swam. 

Now its time for the second thing on my list.


I have always wanted to steal candy from a kid!

She walked on the pathway near her neighbourhood. A child caught her attention. He was holding a large and delectable lollipop. A cunning idea struck her. She sauntered casually towards the child with ease, arousing no suspicion. As she got close, she snatched the lollipop and giggled hysterically as she escaped from the scene of the crime. 


As the sun began to set, she settled down on her bedside. She took out all her possession: Money, jewellery and placed it on her bed. She wanted to create a replica of a Chinese Emperor Tomb. The clock ticked. It was approaching twelve midnight. She lied on the bed, arms crossed. She shut her eyes. The clock ticked past twelve. She did not die. She fell into a deep slumber after such an exciting day. 

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  1. I like this post because it is unique in the sense that it does not talk about the email and that the widow fainted because of the it but she did a list of things that made her so tired that she fell into a deep slumber. Very interesting